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  Tuesday January 17. 2017   E-mail Reminder

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WELCOME to the UPPER NISQUALLY SPORTSMAN'S CLUB web site. We have developed this website to allow our members and guests club information, available to you 24 hours a day.

This club was founded October 4th, 1946.  We are a private club run by volunteers, dedicated to the principles of sportsmanship and conservation. We are located just outside the town of Eatonville, Washington on 109 acres of pristine mountain setting.

We will continue to add information to this site often so if you don't find what you're looking for, please check back.

If you require immediate attention, you can send us an email at info@uppernisquallysportsmanclub.com  

We have put together this site with an easy to use interface and will continue to improve your online experience.  If you have any feedback you would like to give us on the site or have any questions whatsoever, feel free to email us. info@uppernisquallysportsmanclub.com

Do you want to know how to find us?
If so just click on the link below for a map:


See "About Us" link for information on range distances.



If you have not sent in your 2016-2017 membership dues
please do so before December 31st as after this date all 
unpaid members will be removed from the UNSC data base.



Go to Membership Page
to download 2017 Renewal PDF
 Form. Mail Dues To Club by 1 October


2016 & 2017 Club Calendar has been posted
Click on Calendar PDF


Winter Newsletter
Has Been Posted









UNSC 2016-2017 Officers

President: Walt Martin

Vice President: Norm Adamski   

Secretary: Eleanor Barrager

Treasurer: Mike Barrager

Range Officer: Josh  Lenoue

2017 Trustee: Bren Siverts

2018 Trustee: Cal Laughton

2019 Trustee: Frank Milward




UNSC Members Josh Dawe & Jason Hawk shooting steel plates
on the 25 Yard range.

Recently a Range Officer Found .223 brass
and empty 12 ga slug hulls on the 25yd Range. angry

On the first week of May someone shot up several target
stands on the 50 yd with a shot gunangry

Anyone caught breaking the rules on any Range
will lose their UNSC membership.

This club spent too much $$ on those steel targets
for one or two people to destroy them.

Any member that observes anyone breaking please
report them to our Caretaker or contact a board member.
Please provide Members Name & Number.


New 25 Yard Steel Plate Range is "Open"
The new range has 2 lanes divided by a dirt berm, both have steel plate racks
and a shooting tree. The plate racks have a lanyard you pull to reset the plates
after they have fallen. Do not attempt to shoot closer than 15 yards, Eye protetction
for everyone including spectators is a must on this range.

Please No Magnums or Center Fire Rifles Allowed.

.22 rim fire rifles, non magnum pistols,
.22, .380, 9mm, 10mm,40 cal & 45 cal are welcome to use

This what happens to a $100.00 Steel Plate when shot with Steel Jacked or
Armor Piercing Ammo


Any questions call:
Walt Martin  253-820-8010

Note: The above damaged steel plate was not one of the clubs
it belonged to and was donated  by a club member




Winter Newsletter is posted click on Newsletter Page



UPDATE:  We now have monthly orientations scheduled. 

Please check the Event Calendar for dates or New Member Orientations Page.
As always, new members will complete the orientation within 90 days of joining.



As many of you have noticed, the new gate is finally installed and functional!
Upon arriving at the range, you will enter the gate code using the keypad located on the left side of road on the entrance pole, code is on back of membership card.

Both gates will slowly open for you to enter.  Please be patient as they swing open.  One gate will open inwards and one gate will open outwards.  After several seconds, they will close automatically.

Upon leaving the range for the day, approach the right gate. 
You will need to drive up fairly close to the gate, you will hear a loud beep once you trip the sensor in the road and the right gate ONLY will open to allow you to leave the club grounds.
Upon leaving you have to make sure you drive up close enough to the gate to trip the sensor in the road.  Please do not attempt to adjust any controls for the gate. 
It will open and close on its own, as long as you follow the simple procedure outlined above.



We have had some non members sneaking on to the range taking advantage of our ranges for their own purposes. 
These individuals do not pay fees, do not sign in and do not check in with a Range Officer or Caretaker. 
This is trespassing and putting all of us at risk.

Members are required to wear their badge at ALL times while on club property.  It must be worn above your waist, fully and clearly displayed.  If you do not see a badge on an individual, kindly ask the person to show you his member badge, kindly remind them that they are to wear it and report anyone not following this rule.  If they do not have a badge, send them to the Caretaker or a Range Officer and they can ascertain if they are a current member in good standing.

Please remember to bring your badge every time you come to the club or you may be asked to leave, member or not!
Member's can obtain a replacement badge from the Caretaker. 
It will cost $5.00 per badge and you will be required to show proof of identification.





The UNSC is a registered Non-Profit Corporation.
We are proudly affliated with the National Rifle Association.
For more information about the NRA please visit their web sites at:





39919 129th Ave. E.
Eatonville, WA 98328